Toosdai is another stunning shade from our StayLuxe Matte Liquid Lipstick Collection. This dusky mauve creamy matte shade is smudge proof, transfer proof, and mask proof. This color can be worn all year long and will look gorgeous on all complexions. The StayLuxe liquid lipstick formula delivers an exceptional shot of matte pigment in just one easy swipe. Just a single application gives you smear-resistant coverage that stays put for hours. Intense pigment, full coverage, and a matte finish in an easy-to-apply liquid formula. These long-wearing, water proof, smudge-resistant, matte lip color are easy to apply. Its infused with coconut oil and vitamin E and has a natural fragrance of vanilla. Pair this with one of our creamy long lasting lip liners for a finished look.
- vegan
- cruelty free       
- paraben free


  • Tips on how to wear our Stay Luxe Matte Liquid lipsticks:

    1. Exfoliate your lips.

    Dry, dead skin is often what makes your lipstick look rough and uneven, so slough it off before you apply any color. You can use a sugar scrub or gently exfoliate your lips with a soft bristle toothbrush.

    2. Add moisture.

    Next, apply a lightweight lip balm or moisturizing treatment to your lips. This helps fill in any cracks so your matte lipstick will go on smooth and more even.

    3. Use lip liner to get the perfect shape.

    Because our matte lipsticks waterproof and highly pigmented, it is difficult to get off and redo without irritating or staining your skin, so you want to get it right on your first try. Applying lipliner before using your matte lipstick ensures you have lines to "color in”

    4. Apply your matte lipstick.

    Whether it's straight from the tube or you're using a lip brush, try to be a precise as possible.

    5. Blot lips on a piece of toilet paper.

    This removes any excess color or leftover shine. While a tissue or paper towel work just fine, in my experience, a small piece of toilet paper leaves the fewest fibers on your lips.

    Now you're good to go!

    Oh yea! Avoid greasy oily foods